How to Draw a Cowboy

This instruction will teach you how to draw a cowboy. The process is simple enough that even the most inexperienced artists will be able to draw a cowboy.

This instruction uses a slightly different method of portraying a person than the instructions for football players and basketball players. Let’s move on to the article to learn how to draw cowboys.


Step 1

First, draw a cowboy’s skull. Start with the head, torso, and pelvis. Next, make the ovals. Next, draw the spine and limbs in simple lines. You should make the lines in the first stage very thin.




Step 2

Draw lines on the head to help us depict the face. Next, make a neck by creating a cylinder. Next, connect the chest and pelvis to create a cowboy-style torso.




Step 3

Use simple cylinders to depict arms and legs. With balls, the shoulder, elbow, and knee joints can be depicted using simple cylinders. In the same stage, draw the feet and hands with loose lines.




Step 4

Then, draw the cowboy’s face using the lines from the second stage. Draw the ears and outline the jaw at the same stage. To make the cowboy look cool, you can draw his eyes just like Clint Eastwood.




Step 5

His hat is one of the most distinguishing features of a cowboy. First, show the wide brim and then the cylindrical upper.




Step 6

You can depict a poncho on the shoulders by drawing several lines. You can either copy the example of a cowboy outfit or create a new one.




Step 7

Now, draw the collar, vest, gun, and hand. A cowboy can be drawn with a revolver or a Victorian-era rifle in his hand.




Step 8

Next, draw the fingers using a few lines. Do the same as Make sure to add shirt sleeves.




Step 9

Next, draw a belt with holsters attached using simple lines. Next, draw the boots’ upper edges with a pair of lines.




Step 10

Let’s now put aside the pencil and use an eraser to remove any unnecessary guidelines from our cowboy drawing. Let’s begin with the head. Clean the lines and trace them using a pencil or ink.




Step 11

Let’s now do the same thing, but this time with the arms and torso. Use the eraser to remove any lines from the cowboy’s sketch and trace them with a darker pencil or ink.




Step 12

This stage is where we actually draw a cowboy. Clear the cowboy drawing with the same eraser. Use a dark pencil, and ink, to darken the legs.




Step 13

Let’s now paint the cowboy. This can be done with colored pencils or felt-tip pens. You can choose the one that you like most. You can either repeat the color scheme as shown in a photo from, or you can create your own.




We said at the beginning that drawing a cowboy would be easy. Did you find this to be true? We value your feedback. We will respond to as many comments as possible.

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