If you would also like to create a cow artwork, you are probably wondering how you can learn how to draw a cow.

So this is not your kindergarten cow, which tends to be more basic and use lots of straight lines for the body and legs. This tutorial has a lot more detail going on, and is for those looking to see how to draw all the cute features they may be familiar with, but are not certain of where and how to draw them.

The process is the same, namely starting with a pear-shaped head and rectangular-ish body, but then include a few more details. The placement of the eyes, and the foreshortened legs give her some dimension that a few squares and rectangles never could.

If you want to teach your children about domestic animals and make it fun and engaging, you can start by drawing a cow. We have included steps to help you draw a cow for kids. It might seem a little challenging initially, but it becomes easy and fun to teach and learn if you break the process into easy steps.

Drawing is an important skill that allows children to develop fine motor skills and connect between what they see and learn. It also helps them develop their imagination. Therefore, it is a good idea to encourage your children to draw. So, read on to learn more and spend quality time with your child while drawing.

Our drawing lessons continue with this simple how to draw a cow step by step tutorial. With just a few pencil strokes you will be finishing up your cartoon style cow drawing in no time.

See all of our drawing tutorials – we have lots of animals and other easy to follow drawing lessons to share with you.

How to Draw a Cow’s Step by Step

  • Start by drawing an oval shape or a rectangle with rounded corners.
  • Draw the head, an arch shape above your oval or rectangle.
  • Draw the eyes, nostrils and a smiley mouth if you want. Also draw a pair of horns. Mooo!
  • Next comes the body, again you can make it as an oval shape or more of a rounded rectangle.
  • You have almost completed your cow drawing – draw two more legs and a tail.
  • Color your cow drawing.

Some Cow Drawing Pictures

Our goal with this guide was to make the process of learning how to draw a cow not only much easier but also fun!

By breaking down the task into smaller steps, it can be made so much simpler to learn. Now that you can draw a cute cow, you can personalize your drawing in many ways.

Whether it’s with the colors you use, drawing variations or maybe a nice background, the sky is the limit! You should really let your creativity run wild and see what you come up with.

We will be releasing lots of new step-by-step drawing guides constantly, so be sure to check in to our site frequently to never miss out!

Once you’ve finished your amazing cow drawings, we hope that you will share them to our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see!

We always love to see how incredibly creative you all are, and we can’t wait to see your cow drawings!

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