how to draw a cow face

The team at illustrates animals frequently and frequently depicts the heads of animals. In this guide, we’ll show the user ways to draw the cow’s head. As with all the other directions, it will be extremely easy to follow, and the staff from is convinced that even the least experienced artist can learn to draw the head of a cow.


Step 1

Begin by drawing the head, drawing it in the shape of a normal ball. Then, draw the wide neck, similar to the artists from in the picture below.




Step 2

On the bottom of the ball depict a massive muzzle, in the shape of an enormous U. The lines must be clean and smooth during this and subsequent steps.




Step 3

Then, on both sides towards the top, draw the ears. They’re quite broad in the center, and they are smaller at the tips, and around the place where the ears meet the head.




Step 4

Then draw the lines in the ears. Next, sketch hairstyles at the top of the head, between the ears. Sure, you might not have been paying attention however, cows do wear different hairstyles.




Step 5

Then, using the help of two geometric figures in the shape of almonds to draw the eyes. Then, slightly higher, draw the lines that begin from the eyes’ sides.




Step 6

At the end of the muzzle show a nose in the shape of an oval shape. Then, within this picture, draw the nostrils.




Step 7

We are at the final phase of the instructions on drawing an image of a cow’s head. Therefore, we must now draw the image using beautiful and dark lines.




Step 8

Let’s paint the cow’s head. We chose to paint the face of the cow light brown, however, you could use any color scheme. The cow’s nose can be brown or pink.




There are many things that are simple that happen in this world and the team behind believe that this instruction on drawing an image of a cow is one of them. Are you in agreement with us? Are you looking for more animal-themed painting tutorials? What are your thoughts on and our tutorials? Tell us what you think as it is important to us.

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