The body of cars comes in many different designs – hatchbacks, sedans stations wagons, and more. In this drawing class, we’ll teach you the drawing process for a coupe. In this tutorial, you will draw an Audi however, you are able to draw a different car with the help of this drawing guide.

Step 1
Take an eraser in your palm and using light movements of your hands trace the outline for the body of your car.

Step 2
Then sketch the distinctive grille of the radiator as well as the outline of the Audi headlamps. Next, sketch out the outlines of the wheels as well as the rear-view mirrors.

Step 3
Then, using both the dark and clear lines (or using an eraser) make sure you draw an outline for the rear of your vehicle.

Step 4
Then let’s get to the top of the page and sketch out the roof, outline of mirrors, and windows. Keep in mind that we’re creating a coupe-style car which implies that the car has a door on both sides, and one window per side.

Step 5
Go down and open only one door. In reality, having just 2 doors can be the main distinction between a coupe and any other car.

Step 6
The next step is to draw wheel arches and wheels. Make sure you are as precise when drawing these components of your car.

Step 7
Draw the outline of the wheel’s rims (either as we did or by making your own concept). Next, using dense hatching draw shadows.

If at the end of the course on drawing the coupe automobile your drawing was similar to the one we did, then you’ve completed everything correctly. However, if you make mistakes, don’t worry, just go back to your unsuccessful steps and try again. Remember that the main distinction between coupes and other cars is the fact that there are just two doors. So take advantage of this lesson to draw your preferred car. You can also go to”Cars” in the section “Cars” on our site and you’ll find lots of drawing tutorials that are interesting about automobiles.

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