How to Draw a Corn Cob

Our website is called and, like the name implies we will show you how to draw various things in the easiest yet most beautiful way. Today, we’ll show what it takes to draw the corn cob and try to be in line with our guidelines which makes the process not only easy but also stunning. So, get your favorite drawing tools and begin the creation of a fresh masterpiece.


Step 1

Corn is in essence simply an average oval. In fact, it’s not the most common oval, but it does taper at one point. Thus, you can create an oval like the artists created in the image below.




Step 2

To make the sketch appear more like a drawing of corn instead of cucumber, let’s include the most crucial specifics. By using a few lengthy and straight lines, draw the corn husk and an element from the stalk.




Step 3

As we continue, we will transform the sketch into a corn design. In this step, we’ll do what is the main thing, which is to create a texture out of corn by using intersecting lines. Make sure that the grill on the list should be smaller than that in the central portion.




Step 4

Then, using an eraser, remove all unnecessary lines that are no longer needed. With darker lines than before, trace the required lines to make the photo stunning and clear. Don’t forget to not forget to trace thin lines across the top of the husk, so that the image appears more realistic and full of life.




Step 5

Let’s colorize our corn illustration. The corn’s body is best painted yellow, and the husk is green. To create your artwork larger, you can add shadows. Also, please send us an email if need a specific tutorial on how to draw shadows.




Thus, we very effortlessly and eventually came to the conclusion of our guide on drawing corn cobs easily.

To improve your skills and knowledge in drawing, try drawing corn cobs as part of your still life. Draw fruits, vegetables (for instance, an apple or an apple or lemon) as well as other items alongside corn.

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