How To Draw A Coral Reef Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

It will be a great delight to enjoy. Begin by drawing three horizontal lines to represent your floor of the ocean. Then , draw the mountain as you would the mound in this picture before drawing a small circle. After that you can draw the guides to the different kinds of coral you’ll be drawing.

Step 2
Begin with drawing the legs or tentacles of the Octopus. Once you’re done, shift to the right side and sketch the form of the first coral on this reef. I decided to sketch the tubular coral because it brought me back to SpongeBob’s location.

Step 3
Then, you can finish drawing the tube coral, and begin drawing the bamboo in the same way as the corals you see under the tubular coral. After that, you are able to begin drawing your ocean’s floor’s top by adding stones and other details to the sand the surface.

Step 4
As you can see , your reefs are beautifully woven together. What you have to do is draw the outline of the mountain, and then add sea creatures like stars and corals of various kinds. Paint some corals that are spongy or other cup corals, if you wish. Once you’ve finished sketch the long-shape of the seagrass that it appears on the back.

Step 5
In this stage, you’ll begin sketching the face and head of the adorable octopus as you can see. Then, draw some more of the underwater foliage as well as adding some details at what’s beneath the water. Once you’ve finished here it is time to move on to the next drawing step in order to complete your reef design.

Step 6
I know I’ve said that this was the last option, but I want to mention it in order in order to assist you in moving forward without hesitation. Now, you should finish drawing the right-hand tube coral you can see, then add details and definitions to the bottom of the ocean and mound that is located in the bottom left corner. After you’ve finished, you can move on to the final drawing step.

Step 7
What you’ll be doing this is describing the tube coral, and drawing a cute fish. It is time to erase all the shapes and concepts you created in step one , to clear the ocean.

Step 8
Now you know “how to draw a coral reef”. Color it with vibrating shades and that’s all there is to it. You’ve accomplished a fantastic job and now you can put your fish tank on the wall or put it into the aquarium to make an attractive backdrop for the fish.

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