In this article, we’ll teach that you can draw an awesome dog. If you’d like to master drawing animals, but you aren’t fully confident about your abilities Start with a few easy lessons. Take, for instance, our today’s lesson.

Step 1

Let’s draw a circle and an oval. It should appear bigger than the circle. Both shapes must be placed on the page. It may seem like an easy task however it is crucial to complete it as accurately as you can. In reality, the next steps will all depend upon this first step.



Step 2

In this phase, we’ll be adding a few aspects in one go. The first step is to add ears, which appear to be triangles. We then draw some vertical smooth lines linking the oval and the circle. In the final step, we’ll draw the outline of the Paws.


Step 3

We will continue our guide to drawing cool dogs. In general, dogs don’t wear glasses, but we’re drawing a cool dog, so we’ll begin this process by drawing glasses. All canines have noses and we’ll create a nose shape that appears like a circular shape inside an open, angular shape.


Step 4

We have an approximate shape of the dog, and we can work on finer details. With simple lines, we’ll sketch the contours of the Auricle. We’ll also draw two corners that are laterally located. Now we have a complete face outline. We’ll further sketch out the glasses and the nose.


Step 5

The cool dog illustration has one unique characteristic. We would like to point out that our dog’s tie is an extremely large tie. The tie is bigger than the dog. The right-hand edge is drawn using the help of a wavy line. Mark the left side of the tie with a straight line. Draw a straight, short line through the middle of your tie.


Step 6

We are close to finishing this tutorial about drawing a cool puppy We are hoping you’re not overly tired. In this stage, we’ll pay close focus to the precise drawing of the dog’s feet. By using smooth, short lines trace the toes of the feet.


Step 7

Take out the construction lines of the earlier steps. Draw all the detail and your outline. Draw the shape of the dog using more of a line. If you’d like to make your cool dog drawing more complicated you could add some subtle shadows.


Today, we taught our readers how you can draw a stunning dog. We made this a very simple drawing guide. What animal do you enjoy and what animal would you prefer for us to feature on our website? Send us a message by clicking here or via our social media networks.


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