How to Draw A Cookie

A good cookie is a must-have for everyone! There are many types of cookies, from sweet and sugary to healthy and savory.

Everyone can enjoy a cookie! While you might enjoy making or eating cookies, have you ever wanted to draw cookies?

You have some good news! This is the perfect drawing guide to help you draw beautiful cookies.

How to Draw a Couch

Grab a large plate of delicious cookies and enjoy this step-by-step guide to drawing a cookie.

1st Step:

This is the first step in our guide to drawing cookies. We will begin with pencil outlines that will help you guide your drawings.

These shapes will make the cookies look like flat ovals but they will be drawn with an irregular, bumpy line. The surface of one cookie will be flat, while the other will be leaning against it.

After you have drawn the outline, you can then use your pen for the pencil line to cover the cookie on the counter.

You can also use rounded shapes to add chocolate chips to the cookie’s surface.

2nd Step:

We will continue adding chocolate chips to the flat cookies for this part of the cookie drawing.

Continue drawing the rounded shapes of chocolate chips as you did in the previous step.

Next, use your pen to draw the outline of the second cookie. Refer to the reference image.

3rd Step:

The second cookie looks a little bare. Let’s fix it in this step of our tutorial on how to draw cookies!

By adding more chocolate chips to the empty space, we will fill it up. The angle of the cookie will cause the chocolate chips to poke out from the top.

Next, use your pen to draw the outline for the second cookie.

4th Step:

It still looks a little bare on the second cookie. I believe we should add more chocolate chips to this portion of your cookie drawing.

Now you know what you should do. You can add as many or little chocolate chips to the middle of the cookie as you like.

5th Step:

We will add details to this fifth step in our guide on how you draw cookies to give the cookie more depth.

To give your cookies a little more dimension, you can add some bumpy lines to the bottom of your cookies. This simple trick will make your cookies look even more beautiful!

6th Step:

Now it’s time for you to add the final details to our guide on how we draw cookies!

To give the cookies more texture, we placed small dots on the cookie’s surface.

This makes the cookie look like it has been sprinkled with sugar! You can also add any toppings you like to the cookie before you move on!

You could try adding sprinkles or other small candies to it.

7th Step:

This step will allow you to draw shadows before moving onto the next step.

Simply draw curved lines beneath the cookies to do this. These shadows will be your final step in this guide.

Before you move on, you can make some notes.

Perhaps you could create a background to the cookies that would show you what other treats you’d like to have with them.

8th Step:

This is the fun part of our guide to drawing a cookie. You can now add pretty colors to your cookies.

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