Our website has a huge variety of simple and complex drawing classes, and the instructional video on drawing cookies is part of the second class. Many of our visitors request us to make more drawing lessons for superheroes, and others are more frequently asking us to demonstrate ways to draw ordinary objects. If you take a look at our category, comics, and the other categories in which we draw more common things, you’ll notice that we keep things in balance. Let’s begin the process of making cookies.


Step 1

As stated at the start of this drawing class, cookies are simple objects to draw. But even simple objects such as cookies need to be started with simple geometric designs. It is easy by drawing a cookie using an oval that is flat and simple using extremely light lines.



Step 2

In the initial step, we sketched an oval which is not exactly comparable to the drawing of a cookie. we’ll rectify this by adding chocolate pieces. Utilizing simple lines and light ones draw these pieces, which must be put in the most random manner to ensure that the cookie does not appear too fake.


Step 3

It’s now time to complete our cookie design a full appearance. To draw the outline of the sweet confection using smooth however slightly rough lines. Then draw the pieces of chocolate and trace small cracks by twisting lines. Finish the process using an eraser to remove any unnecessary guidelines from the sketch.


Step 4

A few beautiful shadows will make your cookie’s drawing stunning and full of life. Make sure to keep in mind the shadows of the chocolate pieces as well as casting shadows on the paper. Additionally, you can obviously color your pastry design. Utilize this for different shades of brown.


Based on the fact that this lesson didn’t have too complicated steps and sensible details The staff of believes that you’ve never encountered major difficulties while drawing cookies. For some of us, even what seems at first glance to be simple tasks are difficult for other people. This is why we request that you write an opinion about our articles. Please let us know if have any issues creating cookies.


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