It has been stated repeatedly on the web pages of The art of drawing geometric shapes is an essential art for every artist This is why, in this article, we will show how to draw a cone. ways to draw the cone.

Once you’ve learned how the art of drawing cones you’ll be able to not only quickly draw objects that are similar to the geometric shape as well as practice drawing shadows.

The geometric shape is definitely harder to draw as compared with an actual ball however, by following the relatively simple steps below you will be able to learn to draw a cone simple and quickly.

Step 1

Then, first, draw a horizontal line that will go through the middle of the cone’s base. From the center of this line, draw an extended vertical line that is its central point of reference. It is vital to realize that these are only preliminary stages, meaning that all lines made in this process should appear barely discernible.



Step 2

Then draw two lines that begin from the highest point of the vertical line, and move to the sides until they join with the horizontal line at an equal distance. Make sure that the structure depicted by you must be as even and proportional as you can.


Step 3

This step is slightly more challenging. By using very smooth lines, we can depict the base of the cone which appears like an ellipse. The front is the part of the cone that is visible to us, must be lighter than the part that is invisible to us. To verify the proportions of a drawing take a look at it in a mirror.


Step 4

Now, with the aid of an eraser, we can get rid of the unneeded structures that were created during the initial stages. If you notice that the cone doesn’t appear to be even, you must modify the necessary areas. If everything is correct then proceed to the next stage which is where we begin making shadows.


Step 5

Like balls and cubes, shadows need to be applied with consideration of the outline and shape of the cone, so that the figure appears three-dimensional. To understand how to draw shadows properly, read the article on shadows and light at


Dear users of The tutorial for drawing cones is completed. Verify that your drawing is like the one you can see below. If you’ve made mistakes, you can correct them by going back to the spot where the error occurred.


If you’ve done everything correctly, and your drawing is excellent, do not be a frenzied person and get to work on other things. To draw like an artist, you must do a lot of practice and frequently. Draw the cone from various angles and under different lighting. To avoid issues while drawing, purchase a gypsum cone and create one using the paper.

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