Today we will show the reader the steps to draw a Comics Book Villain. As you can see, it is a unified illustration of different villains you can encounter in different videos, comics, or films.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a stickman. We’ve got a hunched, huge disproportionate figure with no neck.

Step 2
Sketch the outline of your cape. In this step, we’ll outline the faces. The horizontal lines reveal where the mouth and eyes are. The vertical lines represent a sign of facial harmony.

Step 3
In this next step, we’ll draw the cape’s bottom.

Step 4
Eliminate all the guidelines off of the face. Draw your lines for the head and face. The face of the character should convey an expression of a sarcastic laugh.

Step 5
Our villain has a typical appearance. It is true that having long, dry fingernails with sharp edges are an essential aspect of the character’s appearance. So let’s draw them! Don’t forget to not forget to check out our blog post where we will show you hand drawings.

Step 6
We remove the lines on the clothes that are situated in the lower portion of the trunk. Make creases on the fabrics which look like oblique lines.

Don’t forget how we created the look of the villain as an image of the collective. You can then add it to the specifics of your personal taste.

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