Dear artists, and Welcome to 3dvkarts. Today’s drawing lesson would like to demonstrate one of the oldest tools for hair care which is a hair comb. So, get the pencil, paper, and an eraser, and begin the lesson by learning to draw the comb step-by-step.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out the trapezium’s width using thin lines.

Step 2
Then, using curved lines turn the top angles into rounded like in our example.

Step 3
We remove all of the unneeded guidelines we sketched in the initial step.

Step 4
With the aid of straight and clear lines, make the teeth of the comb.

Step 5
Then in the final stage of drawing a lesson to draw a comb, we erase the top line.

In this video, we showed the students the steps to draw the comb step-by-step. We’re sure it was a breeze. Take a look at the other lessons available on our site, and probably you’ll find something you’re looking for to draw. If you are unable to find what you were searching for, share your thoughts in the comments section of this article.

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