Do you have a view of the classic style of architecture? Actually, we’re talking about classical design. This is a stunning architectural style in that symmetry, delicacy and the aesthetics of minimalism are common. The most well-known features of classicism are its appearance in columns. That is why we’ll be working on the steps about how to create columns step-by-step.


Step 1

Then, we draw a rectangle shape. Be aware of the effortless growth of the shape down. In this lesson more than ever we will show that drawing without tools can be very beneficial for improving your drawing capabilities. Draw this form and then show its smoothness.




Step 2

Both side of the column is a flat base. We can draw them. The base on the bottom must be a little wider than the top one. Like in the first step it would be fantastic to sketch it with the aid of a ruler.


Step 3.

Let’s draw the rectangle at the bottom of the column. It is possible that they are not straight and smooth.


Step 4

We almost drew a very cute antique column. Now we will put a tiny ring over the center of the column. If you’d rather minimalist design, it is possible to skip this step.


Step 5

This is the final part of the lesson on drawing the column. Like other drawing classes, we’ll remove all the drawing lines and then erase any guides.


Step 6

It is possible to leave the column free of shadows. However, if you’re looking to draw realistically then you must use shadows. You can apply a tiny strip of hatching on the edge of your column. You will notice that there is an area of light of the shadow that is between it and the edges of the column. Shadow on the ground can be a fantastic final finish to the sketch.


This drawing instruction is if you’re drawing a structure with multiple columns. It is also possible to draw a single column. We hope you get amazing results.


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