How To Draw A Coffin Step by Step -

How To Draw A Coffin Step by Step

How To Draw A Coffin Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

There are a number of straight edges we’ll be drawing during this tutorial on coffins You may need to keep a ruler on the go to make things simpler!

The coffin will be drawn starting from the left, and it will be set to ensure that the lid is slightly raised for an additional dynamic feeling.

Start in drawing the lid on top of the coffin. It’ll have three sides , and you could trace a line along the outside so that it appears as if there’s some depth.

Then , we’ll draw a few simple lines to make it appear like it’s constructed from wood. It is also possible to make use of an line ruler for drawing a big crossing on the top of the container.

Then by using the reference image to draw four lines to create an elongated head on the body.

Step 2 – Then make the outline of the lid of the coffin
The second portion of your coffin sketch you will draw the outline of the lid. It is possible to add two additional lines to the ones you sketched earlier.

The lines will be more closely as they progress, as shown in the figure reference. You may also add additional lines for further details on the wood after you’ve completed the outline.

Step 3 – Draw the following hole to the coffin.
We will draw the coffin’s opening in the final part of our drawing a coffin tutorial.

For this, apply additional lines parallel to the form of the lid of the coffin so that the opening’s shape matches the form that the lid has.

It can be a little difficult to achieve and you may want take care to reference the images you reference when drawing, and then try to duplicate them in the same way as they appear in the reference images.

You’ll then be able to decorate coffins more in this next phase, therefore move forward!

Step 4: Now let’s begin drawing more of the coffin
The fourth step in the drawing of your coffin should be fairly easy and easy! With the line ruler all you have for is to extend 2 additional lines.

One of them will be vertical and will descend from the edge of the coffin. The other is more horizontal and slightly longer with an angle that is slightly in line with other parts of the coffin.

It is then possible to make a small circular mark for the handle of the coffin on the side , and you’ll be ready to add some important details in the following section.

Step 5 – Complete your coffin drawing
We’ll finish the image during this part of the tutorial for coffins and then you’ll be ready to color it in the last step.

We will have another edge to draw. This is the narrowest of the sides which is closest to us as viewers.

Then, end with a straight line in the center of both of the shorter and longest edges of your coffin. You can then add handles when you’re done.

Prior to moving on to the final step, you could include some additional details about yourself. You can also paint the background, or add words on the coffin.

If you’re looking to add some Halloween vibes to your image, maybe you should create a picture of a vampire emerging from the coffin.

What is the best way to end your coffin?

Step 6: Finish your coffin design with colors
This is the final stage of painting your coffin, and it will finish the painting by adding colour to it.

Coffins are generally made from wood, which is why we have reflected on this by choosing lighter brown shades for the coffin itself.

We chose slightly darker hues for the handle and interior of the coffin to provide more depth to the picture.

These are the shades we used to illustrate the color scheme, but you could also choose some of your own hues alternatively.

Coffins are usually associated with funerals that are dark and sad and funerals, so it is possible to seek for this style using soft materials like crayons and watercolors.

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