Today, we’ll discuss the things that relate to the subject of coffee again. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach the viewers how to draw the design of a cafe maker.


Step 1

Begin by sketching the coffee maker in the form of a rectangular box. This is the approximate base of our coffee maker. We recommend dear readers to draw geometric patterns without using auxiliary tools. Sketch the foundation of this coffee maker with the ruler. But you’ll be able to enhance your drawing skills when drawing it with your hands.



Step 2

There are a variety of models for coffee makers. A lot of them come with right angles. We decided to draw a machine with smooth corners. This is why, in this step, we draw the edges that are rounded as well as the outline of the lever and the contours of the tubing.


Step 3.

You can draw in detail your buttons in detail on both the front and top panel of the coffee maker. You can arrange the buttons and other indicators according to suit your preferences. For example, you could create a touch screen or even a button that triggers the nuclear bomb.


Step 4

Find the specifics inside the coffee maker’s bottom. It is usually shaped like an edging and is used to represent fluid and flowing foam. At the same time, we need to sketch the final contours of the pipe and lever for the final coffee.


Step 5

In this process, you create light shadows over those buttons on our espresso maker. For more intense shadows, they should be drawn over the lever as well as on the upper portion of the pipe. As a rule, shadows are drawn using hatching. However, you can draw softer shadows by drawing pencil lines.


It was a relatively easy drawing tutorial and we wish that you’ve discovered what to draw with a coffee maker. In this lesson, we conclude this series of posts about coffee, and the ingredients required to make the perfect strong cup of coffee. In case you were unaware that there are pages for us on most major social media platforms. To stay informed of the latest articles, sign up for us. Also, to assist us in growing, send us our tutorials to your acquaintances and friends. If we have forgotten something, we’d appreciate it if you reminded us by leaving a comment. We’ll fix it and draw the correct line.


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