Is there anyone who is a fan of authentic ground coffee? We’d like to think there are many of you Dear readers. We have developed a brand new drawing tutorial that will teach you the drawing process of a coffee maker step-by-step.


Step 1

Try drawing the shape without using other tools like the measure or compass.



Step 2

In the final step, we sketched two figures. The next step is to add some essential specifics. We will draw a huge round handle, for the upper and lower portions of the box, as also as handles for the drawer. The coffee ground is thrown into the drawer.


Step 3.

We remove the lines off the handles of our coffee mill. We sketch the specifics of the handle’s large size and the central rotating mechanism which starts the millstones grinding coffee. Additionally, in this step, we draw the edging of a bowl.


Step 4

The straight lines must be as symmetric as possible.


Step 5

For round objects, employ hatching in different dimensions to make it appear as if the shadow tapers down. Check the sides and the inside of the bowl to see an illustration. In the coffee grinder box, the shadows must look like straight light shades.



We’ve come up with an impressive image. It’s time for us to take some time off and drink the perfect cup of coffee. We already have the grinder for coffee, which means we’ll need to do some work in order to extract the coffee powder that is finished from the beans of coffee. This is a good job for us to do in the evenings. We wish you a lot of inspiration to be successful in your job. Don’t forget to keep reading our blog!

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