how to draw a coconut

The name itself suggests that provides very easy drawing guidelines. As part of these instructions, we’ll teach you what to draw the coconut.

Drawing coconuts is extremely simple. The delicious exotic nut can be drawn with very easy lines and light Below, you’ll be able to see how easy it is.

For sketching a coconut, you will require your preferred artist set such as an art pencil using paper or a tablet with graphics. If everything is in place, let’s start the process of making the masterpiece of your life!


Step 1

Draw a smooth, large oval, with thin and transparent lines. Draw an oval of the size you wish for your coconut. With an identical oval, we started our tutorial on drawing watermelon.




Step 2

Draw three ovals like the artists from did. To make your coconut sketch appear more authentic Do not try to create them in a way that is too uniform. At this point, your sketch of a nut appears somewhat as an actual bowling ball does it not?




Step 3

Let’s make an emulsion of coconuts with a lot of lines that resemble hair. These lines must not be straight. They begin at the middle portion and then diverge across the coconut as illustrated in the drawing from



Step 4

It’s arrived for the final elements to make your coconut illustration as gorgeous as it can be. Examine your work against ours. If all is good the sense that you feel that your coconut sketch is good enough and does not require any changes Then proceed to the next step.




Step 5

Coconuts are typically brown. So, use painted pencils with colored pigments or felt-tip pens with this noble color and color the coconut. The three ovals need to have a slightly darker shade than the remainder of the coconut. To increase the aesthetics and depth, you can make some shadows.




As you’ve already observed it’s a breeze to master the art of drawing the shape of a coconut. If you find this method to be too difficult, don’t forget to let us know about it.

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