How to draw a Cocker Spaniel Step by Step || Cute Dog Drawing

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw A Centipede Step by Step

Step 1

Begin with two shapes: a circle for your head and a strange one for your body. These will be drawn in a seated position. As you can see, add a vertical line to the top.

Step 2

Begin sketching the dog’s face and the initial lining for his ears. After you are done, draw feathers that look similar to feathers on the left-hand side of your chest.

Step 3

Keep drawing the shape of your head and curly-shaped ears. Next, draw oval eyes and fill in the pupils.

Step 4

You will complete the drawing of your face by adding eyebrows and nose. Next, draw the front legs and then the feet. Finally, draw some back legs.

Step 5

Do you want to finish this tutorial about your adorable dog? If you are, all you need to do is draw the remaining legs and the tail. Next, erase all lines and shapes you created in step 1.

Step 6

Your cute dog will look exactly the same as the one shown here when you are done. You can choose a color scheme to color your dog and you are done. Bravo to everyone!


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