Hello, dear artists. Oddly enough, one of the most well-liked categories on our website is “comics”. As the name suggests, in this category we post lessons on drawing different elements of clothing, such as clothes, such as pants as well as shirts. Today, we decided to change to warmer clothing and created a lesson on drawing an appropriate coat.

Step 1
Pick up a pencil and with thin lines draw the front of a coat that has wide collars.

Step 2
Along the edges of the figures, from the previous step, sketch out the sleeves in the shape of long rectangles.

Step 3
Then using dark and clear lines, draw the outline of the collar, the coat, and buttons.

Step 4
In this example, we draw the sleeves. Be sure to draw seams and creases as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 5
Let’s add a bit of a real-world look to our coat sketch. Draw seams using the help of lines that are short and then add shadows by hatching.

Today, we taught the students what to do to create coats step-by-step. Did this tutorial help you? Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. So, please share your thoughts in the comments section below the article or in our social networks.

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