We chose to stop these difficult lessons like an electric guitar and electric razor and come up with something simpler. Drawing instructions for drawing the clothespin is very easy to follow, as it is broken down into four very simple steps each one of which is comprised of a few lines and a clear description. Let’s begin with the basics of drawing the clothespin.

Step 1
With straight, but light lines, draw a rectangular as the one we have used. Try to keep the lines soft enough so that in future steps, there won’t be any difficulties in adding fixes.

Step 2
With the aid of lines that light, divide the clothespin into two pieces Include a spring and sketch some details. This is a bit complicated If you’re vigilant, you can recreate the drawing of the clothespin with no issues.

Step 3
Then, using dark and clear lines, trace your clothespin. Remove all guidelines that are not needed. Your clothing pin drawing must be neat and beautiful as illustrated in the drawing drawn by the artists from

Step 4
The final step of the tutorial on how to create a clothing pin, where we simply add shadows. Include shadows where needed as shown in the illustration below. The process of hatching can make your sketch of clothespins more realistic and voluminous.

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