Hello dear readers. In one of our previous tutorials on drawing, we demonstrated the steps to draw the book. The tutorial was very well-loved and many of our visitors requested a follow-up tutorial that would demonstrate the drawing process of an open book. The tutorial is here, now! Let’s begin drawing!

Step 1
First, let’s draw an abstract figure like in our illustration. If you are able to draw this design without a ruler, it will be amazing.

Step 2
The book will continue to be drawn. This step adds edges to the figures in the previous step to make the book appear more 3D. perspective.

Step 3
The drawing will be more like an actual book. Draw your book’s spine. Between the top and the bottom, draw the cover with the corners rounded.

Step 4
Eliminate all guidelines that are unnecessary and the general outline of the book is ready. You can keep the covers uncluttered or even make your own title or draw.

Step 5
By drawing short lines, you can trace the sheets inside the book. Now let’s make the book more realistic and include shadows.

We hope this lesson has taught the students what you can draw on the closed pages of a book. If you’d like more information on similar subjects, check out our tutorials on glasses, a candle, and glasses. You can also write the tutorial you’d like to see on our website and we’ll make it in a very short amount of time.


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