Hello, dear artists. What do Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood have in common? It’s quite simple – it’s a cloak, with an overcoat. This is the garment we’ll create in the drawing class. We’ll begin with our lesson about the drawing of the coat.

Step 1
With very thin lines, trace the outline of the cloak that comprises the upper portion of the head and the lower part to cover the body.

Step 2
In addition, using extremely light lines draws an opening in the hood as well as cutting the cloak.

Step 3
The most likely step in the course involves the drawing of an envelope that requires us to fold it.

Step 4
The next step is, to begin with, dark and clear lines. With their help, we can carefully sketch out the outline of the cloak’s folds and threads in the neck region.

Step 5
The final stages of drawing lessons usually focused on shadows. This lesson is no different. Through hatching, we apply shadows on the inside of the Cloak.

This can be extremely helpful if you wish to sketch a figure that wears the same item of clothing, whether it’s a wizard or The famous Green Goblin.


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