How to Draw A Cliff

Dependent on the circumstances, cliffs can have a completely different feel. Cliffs can be beautiful and breathtaking to look at, but they can also pose danger and treachery.

Even with this in mind, they are still a magnificent sight to behold. Many people have attempted to capture their beauty by learning to draw a rock.

This guide will help you immortalize beautiful cliffs with your own drawing.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a majestic cliff.

How to Draw A Cliff Step-By-Step

1st Step:

In this step, we will keep it simple. For the outline, we will begin with the grassy top.

It will have a large empty space at the top, which we will fill in later. After that, we will draw some curves and slightly jagged lines to the side of the rock.

To make the cliff face look nice, we will draw it as follows.

2nd Step:

The second part of your cliff drawing process will involve you adding more detail to the cliff as well as the surrounding scenery. Begin by drawing more curves for the top part of the cliff.

For some grass peeking off the top, you can also add small jagged pieces. One small gap will remain where we’ll be adding a tree.

This step will draw the beginning of the beach beneath the cliff. We will do this by drawing a long, curved line underneath it. This is it for the part. Let’s now move onto step 3.

3rd Step:

We will continue adding details to each area of the cliff in step 3 of this tutorial on how to draw a cliff.

This will be our first step. We’ll start by putting the roots of the tree’s base into the empty space we left.

You can then finish this step by adding more rounded lines to the outline of each side of the cliff, as shown in reference image.

4th Step:

In the next section, we will be adding dry patches to the grass above the cliff drawing. To accomplish this, we will draw irregular shapes above the cliff using some wavy line.

This effect should not be overused, as it can make the top of the cliff look too empty.

Our reference image was balanced, so do your best to make it look like ours!

5th Step:

Let’s go back to the tree you began to draw in this guide to drawing a cliff. The base should be extended a little and some branches added.

The outline of the leafy top will be drawn using another bumpy line. This will create the overall shape for the tree canopy.

This is it for now. Let’s move onto step 6.

6th Step:

This and the next section of your cliff drawing will focus more on the surroundings than the actual cliff.

We will now draw the ocean or the lake from the cliff’s top. Begin by drawing some rounded shapes to represent large rocks at the top of the water body.

Finish by adding more straight lines to the waterline.

7th Step:

Before you color in the amazing artwork of yours, let’s finish up this step in our guide to drawing a cliff.

We will continue to improve the scenery. We also added a smaller cliff with some grass to the other side.

We added some small mountains to the horizon by using curved lines. There are many ways to add details and elements to enhance this scene.

8th Step:

You will finish your cliff drawing with amazing colors. In our reference image, we only showed one way to do this. We kept the colors bright and used lots of greens and blues.

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