Dear artists, welcome to the lesson on how you can draw a claymore sword. Claymore is one the most well-known swords thanks to art. It was first used in Scotland during the XV-XVII century. Claymore is a two-handed sword that has a long handle with a broad blade.

Step 1
Draw a straight and long line through the middle of the sword. Claymore is a long sword so the line should be very long.

Step 2
Draw a circular pommel at the end of the line. Although the pommel of claymore was mainly round, there were other shapes.

Step 3
A winding made mostly from leather was used to create a grip. This was done to improve grip and prevent the sword from slipping.

Step 4
Draw a long guard with patterns at the tips. Claymore had a long, narrow guard that included four-leaf clover at its tips.

Step 5
Slowly taper towards the tip of a long, fairly broad blade. The claymore, despite its length, was shorter than other two-handed swords at the time. This made it easier to maneuver.

Step 6
Draw the fuller and erase the line in the middle. This detail had the main purpose of lightening the sword by reducing its weight in the center.

Step 7
By hatching, you can add shadows to the blade and glare.

It was the lesson on drawing a claymore blade. The Claymore is a symbol of Scottish military history and is a particular weapon used by the Scottish highlanders. The Claymore was occasionally used from the end of the 14th century. The sixteenth century was the peak of claymore use, but they were still used up until the end.

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