We love comics a lot which is why we designed many drawing lessons on the many different comic book villains and heroes. We mainly sketched specific characters, but we’re going to show you the more common image of the hero. Let’s go to the fundamentals of drawing the classic superhero.
Step 1
The first step is to have to sketch the skeleton of our hero with very thin lines. Draw an oval head as well as an outline of the spine. Then, we draw out the thorax as well as the pelvis. Utilizing simple lines, sketch out the legs and arms. A little bit concerning the percentages. The body’s height is the same as 7 heads height that is, the length of the body ranges from 2.5 -3 heads, The length of the legs is 3.5 to 4 heads The length of the arms is about 2.5 heads, and the shoulders are approximately three times the width.
Step 2
Let’s now add some size to the physique of our hero. The first step is to sketch two lines across the face that meet in the middle of the forehead. The vertical line helps to determine the middle of the face while the horizontal line can help us sketch the eye area. The next step is to sketch the outline for the neck, and torso which expands from the top and narrows at the waist. With the aid of simple geometric shapes, sketch out the legs and arms.
Step 3
We can now add a few essential elements to make our appearance more like a comic book superhero. Following the lines that intersect We sketch out the nose, eyes, and mouth that is smiling (superheroes from the classic comics generally were extremely at ease with smiling). Then, sketch the lines of the ears, hair, and the outline of the head. Next, move towards the back and draw the specifics for the costumes.
Step 4
In the beginning and working towards darker lines. You can apply a more intense pressing on the pencil or an ink liner or liner. Therefore, draw out the outline of the features of the face as well as the mask which covers the upper area of your face. By using smooth and long lines, we can draw the hair. Then, trace the lines of the jaw’s square shape and then remove any unnecessary guides.
Step 5
Then we go a bit lower, and we begin drawing specifics of the upper torso. Draw the contours of the pectoral and neck muscles, which are visible from underneath the costume. Let’s now work on the specifics of the costume by drawing them using clean and precise lines. Make the folds necessary and then remove any unnecessary rules from the body and the torso of our hero.
Step 6
Let’s now look at the sleeves of my favorite superhero. With the aid of dark and clear lines, draw the outline of your sleeves. Make sure to include the folds needed in the regions of compression or stretching that the tissue. Then, at the end of the process, carefully sketch the outline of the hands (to know more about this, check out our tutorial on drawing fingers) and take out all unnecessary guidelines from the arms.
Step 7
We’ll now take care of the lower portion that our hero wears. The first step is to draw out a large belt as well as shorts (which superheroes usually wear with the pants they wear). Then, draw the leg outlines considering all joints and muscles, as we have shown in the illustration. Then, draw the outline of high boots. Include the folds that are necessary and then remove any unneeded guidelines from our superhero sketch.
Step 8
Now, we’ve completed the end of our drawing class on drawing the classic superhero in which we draw shadows. Because the character is considered to be a timeless character, we’ll create classic shadows. In comics of the past shadows are drawn as dark and contrasting shadows. A lighter shade is drawn using dense hatching.

As we mentioned above this morning, we’ve shown you the steps to create a group illustration of an individual superhero. With the help of this guide, you’ll be competent to draw any superhero. The most important thing to remember is to try as many times as you can as it is the practice that makes you an artist.

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