According to the legend, Chupacabra kills animals (mostly goats) and drinks the blood of the dead animals. Chupacabra often turns into the hero of feature films or books, serials, videogames, or even animated films.

Step 1
There isn’t a clear picture of Chupacabra which is why we chose to draw it the way we imagined it. Make a skeleton of the creature, like you were drawing something that resembles an animal, such as a dog, or another similar animal. Using very light lines, repeat our drawing. Make sure that the line that runs along the spine should be curving.

Step 2
Then add some volume to the body part of our Chupacabra. On the head, draw the eyes, ears, and muzzle. Then, draw the neck and the torso, using the belly very thin.

Step 3
In this first stage, we’ll use straight lines to sketch all the details. With these lines, sketch out the outline for the head and neck of the Chupacabra with the help of small bad eyes with sharp teeth and wrinkles.

Step 4
Let’s now move to the body of our chupacabra. Make sure to carefully draw the part of the torso, taking into consideration the outline of bones, ribs, and the spine beneath the skin. We aren’t sure what this creature might look like however, we will depict it as a slim and terrifying creature as in our case.

Step 5
Draw outlines of the paws of the thin with regard to all the bones and tendons beneath the skin. Don’t forget that you draw claws with sharp edges on your feet and lines of wrinkles within the folds.

Step 6
Utilize dense hatching to draw shadows even in the areas that are not well-lit. By changing the hatching’s density you can draw darker or light shadows in order to create an even more detailed appearance.

The drawing class on drawing a Chupacabra is coming to an end, however, we’ve got for you many different ways of drawing monsters, and not only about them.

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