Welcome to our drawing instructions on drawing the Chrysler 300c step-by-step! It’s a full-size automobile manufactured by the American firm Chrysler.

Step 1
Similar to any other drawing class on cars it will begin by sketching a basic outline. Simply take the pencil and draw the car’s body using very thin lines.

Step 2
Continue working on the general outline. This step is to sketch out the grille and headlights on the front. Then, outline the arches and wheels, and proceed into the second step.

Step 3
Utilizing smooth, clear lines trace out the headlights and radiator grille in between the headlights. In the center of the grille, draw out the Chrysler logo. Chrysler.

Step 4
Now, take off and remove the long-hooded Chrysler 300c. The bumper is also adorned with small radiator grills.

Step 5
Follow the lines of the hood, which runs towards the roof. Draw the window and the mirrors.

Step 6
Continue to draw the patterns of windows, and create the lines for the doors. Then draw the reverse of the car as well as the door handles.

Step 7
We must be watchful, because when we will draw the wheels and arches. They should be extremely smooth.

Step 8
The final step is in which we draw the rims. It is also possible to add shadows for the Chrysler like in the lessons on Ferrari as well as Ford Mustang.

It was a lesson on drawing the Chrysler 300c. As you are aware on our website, we have a plethora of drawing classes on automobiles and we’re sure that you will enjoy these lessons. Don’t forget to check out all these lessons on drawing and subscribe to us on social networks.


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