How To Draw A Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is one of nature’s most beautiful and structurally complex flowers. The chrysanthemum flower is a stunning example of a tendril-like flower.

It can be difficult to recreate the flower as an art piece due to its complexity.

However, it doesn’t have be this way. This guide will show how simple and enjoyable it can be.

What color does blue and orange make when mixed?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a beautiful chrysanthemum. We hope that you have a great time creating this amazing flower.

1st Step:

The chrysanthemum’s petals are made of many curled, thin petals. This gives it an intricate appearance.

Start with the middle of the flower. You can draw it with a round black shape and lines.

After you have drawn the central shape, you will be able to draw some rounded lines that curve inward toward it. These lines will become the tips of the innermost flowers.

The next step is to add more petals. Let’s get on with it!

2nd Step:

This is the second part of the chrysanthemum drawing. We will add details to the tips of the petals that you created in the previous step.

For more petals tips around the central portion of the flower, draw more short, rounded lines.

Next, we’ll add some detail to the petals you have already drawn.

3rd Step:

In this third step of we will add more curved petals. Refer to our guide on drawing a Chrysanthemum.

This is done by drawing more of the curved petal lines around the center of your flower on the lower left-hand corner.

A few more petals will be added to the left-hand side. We will build up layers of these petals in order to create the whole flower.

You will then be ready to add outer petals in step 2.

4th Step:

You will add some outer petals to your chrysanthemum drawings.

This step will involve a lot more petals than you’ve been using before.

They will also extend beyond the outer edges of the flowers, as shown in this reference image.

These petals will increase the volume of your chrysanthemum. These petals will have the same curved lines detailing as the previous ones.

It will then be just a matter to add some final details in step two before you add beautiful colors and colors to your chrysanthemum illustration!

5th Step:

This fifth step in will finish the details.

We will be adding more petals to the flower’s outer petals. These will be the largest and most curvy of all the petals.

To complete the layered look we have been creating, they will be placed on the right, left and base side of the flower.

You will then have completed all of the details in this guide. This is your last chance to make any changes to the guide before you move on to step 3.

A background is an important element of a drawing. It is a great way to enhance the image and provide context.

This chrysanthemum could be set up in a garden.

You can draw many amazing backgrounds, so you have the chance to be creative and have a lot of fun!

To create your own variations, you could change some of the details to make it more interesting. We are eager to see how you complete this picture.

6th Step:

The chrysanthemum drawing would not be complete without amazing colors. So, let’s get to the final step!

There are many shades and colors available for chrysanthemums, so you can use whatever colors you want.

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