How to Draw a Christmas Tree

Do you enjoy drawing Christmas trees? In this step-by-step guide, the team at will demonstrate the steps to draw the Christmas tree. This tutorial includes nine easy steps, each of the fresh lines that will be highlighted in red.

Prepare your preferred art tools. It could be an art pencil with paper or an electronic tablet. Scroll down the page to the left and get into how to learn to draw the Christmas tree.


Step 1

Let’s draw the Christmas tree using the standard triangle. It could be like our example, or elongated and narrower.




Step 2

Draw the tree’s trunk the Christmas tree in a shape of a rectangle. To determine the proportions in your Christmas tree sketch simply look it through a mirror, and any mistakes will be obvious.




Step 3

Then draw the conifer tree’s texture in the sketch drawn by the artists from in the illustration below.




Step 4

On the highest point of the tree show a star or other attractive objects, like the spire or beautiful bow.




Step 5

At the base of a branch, draw the boxes. It is possible to make boxes of various sizes, as in the one you can put a book and in the other shoes.




Step 6

Let’s make these boxes elegant and festive. Draw bows and bandages in the box. Also, you can draw some beautiful designs within the boxes.




Step 7

Create a collage of multiple circles that are the same size randomly. Balls must be perfectly even and smooth. You can create more or fewer balls than we have in our example.




Step 8

Draw diagonal lines, as the artists from did. In these lines, you can create light bulbs that are made of balls that are small in similar size.




Step 9

Then paint the Christmas tree with green and brown bark. You can paint the other elements in any color. We picked yellow and gorgeous red as we consider these to be the most Christmas-like colors.




The class drawing the Christmas tree came to an end. Let us know if this tutorial was easy and clear. Also, tell us which other art instructions you’d like to read on the web pages of

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