How to Draw a Christmas Puppy Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Parrot How to Draw for Beginners Step by Step

Step 1

Make a circle that is just right for the puppy’s head. Then, outline the face according to the guidelines.

Step 2

Draw the box that the dog is in before you start the face. It is a gift, after all.

Step 3

Next, color and draw the nose.

Step 4

Next, draw the shape of the puppy’s head. You can add some hair to the top of your head in a bun, and then add details.

Step 5

You can use the facial guides to draw the large round eyes and then the eyeballs.

Step 6

This step will show you how to draw the puppy’s paws reaching for the box as a surprise. Next, draw the tail and back.

Step 7

You can now finish the job by adding ribbons to either side of your box and then lining up the corners. You can now erase any mistakes.

Step 8

This is how your Christmas puppy will look when it’s done. You can color it and show others what you have done, or use it to cover a DIY card.


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