The team at loves holidays very much and especially Christmas, which is why we’ve created a number of drawing-related tutorials for this amazing holiday.
Today, as you might have noticed we decided to keep this theme. We created an instructional video on drawing an ornament for Christmas.

Step 1
As you see, we are drawing the most popular ornament of Christmas which is the ball. First, we need to draw a perfect circle. Don’t rush, take your time and make sure to draw the circle as precisely as you can to ensure that your Christmas ornament design is stunning.

Step 2
In the upper section of the ornament, we create an elongated cylinder that is shaped like the shape of a puck. The lines drawn in this stage must be drawn using fairly thin lines.

Step 3
An easy step where we need to draw an elongated ring and thread by using a slightly curly black line. This is where you can apply designs to the ball’s surface.

Step 4
Make glares on the ball’s surface with small strokes. Next, draw shadows using dense hatching. If you’ve done everything correctly the Christmas ornament design will look something like this.

This was a lesson on drawing the Christmas tree. The team considers that this lesson was straightforward enough. The entire lesson comprised basic geometric shapes and the most difficult part of this tutorial was applying shadows. has a wealth of drawing tutorials that are very diverse regarding this and other fun holidays. If you’d like to be an expert in drawing all things on the planet, make sure you follow our social media channels and then share this and other drawing tutorials with your family and friends who would like to become an artist.


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