We are glad to have you here at 3dvkarts. There are many lessons on drawing good. We offer lessons such as the apple and the orange. We will also be sharing a drawing tutorial about a favorite product, chocolate. Let’s start the drawing tutorial on how to draw a Chocolate Bar.

Step 1
Using straight lines draw a rectangle. This is the general shape of the bar we choose.

Step 2
Draw the outline of the package by using uneven lines as in the example.

Step 3
The drawing is divided into two parts: open and closed. Draw the lines that are interesting on the open portion of the chocolate bar.

Step 4
This step is very easy. We only need to draw straight lines beside the lines of the previous step. It’s as easy as drawing.

Step 5
This step is easier than the one before. Grab an eraser to remove all lines from the chocolate bar drawing.

Step 6
The final step. We usually add shadows at the end of lessons. Here we will do the exact same thing. As in all lessons, we will also use hatching to apply shadows.

It was a lesson on how you draw a chocolate bar. We found it to be a very simple tutorial. However, if you find something else, please let us know in the comments.

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