How to Draw a Chipmunk

This lesson will show you how to draw a chipmunk, a cute and adorable animal. The chipmunk looks very much like a tiny squirrel.

It is closely related to marmots and gophers through family ties. It has large ears and protective bags to carry food.

Walt Disney created Chip and Dale, the iconic cartoon character that made the chipmunks famous in cartoons.

Let’s move on to the tutorial for drawing a chipmunk.

How to Draw a Chipmunk

Step 1 – Sketch the basics

First, draw two ovals that intersect – one large oval placed vertically on a slight slope. Draw a small circle to the right of this large oval – this will be your head. These should be slightly overlapped.




Step 2: Sketch the Neck and Limbs

Connect the head to the body of the chipmunk by drawing two straight lines that extend from the head towards the body. Next, draw a half-bent straight line at the bottom of the large oval. This will be the tail. Draw two vertical lines under the neck – these will be the future legs for the chipmunk. Draw a half-arc along the middle of your body. This will be the hind leg.




Step 3: Draw the ears and muzzle

Two small arcs mark the ears at the top and bottom of the small circle denoting the head are the ears. Draw the contours of the cheeks and nose around the circle. The circle should be drawn with the nose and cheeks facing in the opposite direction.




Step 4: Draw the eyes and nose of the chipmunk

Draw the nose as a heart. Next, draw the eyes. We can only see the eye closest to us.




Step 5: Add details to the Head

This stage is not difficult. Here we shape the ears. At the ears’ edges, draw small semi-arched lines. Volume is thus given. Draw the whiskers near the nose using tiny lines. These should be drawn in a fan-like fashion. Draw the mouth of the chipmunk at the bottom.




Step 6 – Draw the front legs of the chipmunk

Step 7 – Draw the Toes on the Front Legs

Use clear, dark lines.


Step 8 – Draw your hind leg

Let’s now draw the hind leg. Draw a large half-arc around the line that shows the contours. This is reminiscent of the number 2. This is the main portion of the leg for the chipmunk. Draw a line at an angle. This is the foot of your hind leg.




Step 9 – Draw your toes on the hind legs

Draw the toes of the foot with protruding claws in the continuation. The tail should be drawn with a long, curving line. Remember that you can always inspect the chipmunk drawing in the mirror to verify its accuracy and proportionality.




Step 10 – Delete the Guidelines

You will need to remove all auxiliary lines in your chipmunk drawing and keep the realistic shapes of the chipmunk.




Step 11 – Color the Chipmunk Drawing

The main body should be painted dark brown. Gray should be used for the belly and inside of the paws. The eyes can be painted in black and the highlights in them should be marked in white. The nose is light pink. The inner part of your ears is light pink with a fawn tint. The distinctive feature of this animal is its stripes on the tail and back.




How did you like this tutorial on drawing chipmunks? It was really adorable! You can use this chipmunk in animation, illustrations in books, and postcards.



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