Hello dear artists. We have already drawn a vast number of fascinating drawing lessons on myths and legends, including lessons on the golem, lich, and the troll. This time, we will present a lesson on a mythological creature. This time, we’ll show the students ways to draw a chimera. The chimera is depicted in Greek mythology, it’s an animal with the neck and head of the animal, a trunk of a goat, and a tail in the shape of an animal; then it is the descendant of Typhon as well as the chimera.

Step 1
We will always begin our drawing lesson by drawing the Skeletal skeleton of our Chimera. However, as you will observe, this is the most unique skeleton that we’ve drawn on our website. First, trace the face as the shape of an oval. Then outline the chest, spine, and pelvis. Above the pelvis, draw another head, though slightly smaller than the previous. Sketch out the legs and tail-snake.

Step 2
Let’s add some volume to our Chimera. The first step is to draw the lines onto the heads. With this, we draw eyes as well as other facial aspects. Draw the neck. Connect the pelvis and the chest and create the torso the Chimera. Make the limbs more supple and the tail looks like a snake.

Step 3
Let’s start on the head of the chimeras. Let’s begin with the head of the lion. Utilizing the lines drawn on the head, draw the eyes. Then, a little lower, draw the mouth and nose. In order to learn to draw the faces of animals like a lion, or a tigress, go to the lesson on how to draw the head of a tiger.

Step 4
This is the simplest part of the lesson on how to draw chimeras. We will have to erase all unnecessary lines of the head of the chimera and then gently sketch the details of the face.

Step 5
Let’s take care of the hair of the head of a lion. With short and slightly curved lines, draw the hair onto the mane. The mane must be big and soft. Make sure to remove all guidelines of the neck and head of the Lion.

Step 6
Following the same rules, we applied to draw the head of the lion We will draw the head of the goat in our Chimera. Draw the muzzle, eyes as well as ears, beard, and long hairs.

Step 7
Continue to draw tutorials on drawing a Chimera. Let’s focus on the front paws of the Lion. They should be sturdy and well-rounded. Paws must not appear like pipes, that is, you need to be aware of the presence of bones and muscles beneath the skin.

Step 8
Let’s draw the hind leg of our Chimera. By drawing curved lines, you can sketch out the leg’s outline, considering the bones, muscles, and tendons beneath the skin.

Step 9
Then we came to the final step of the drawing class on drawing the Chimera. Draw the tail snake accurately. Draw the snake’s head in all the details. Then, add the strips to our illustration.

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