How to Draw a Child

Are you looking to know the art of drawing an infant? If so, this tutorial on drawing the child’s drawing is designed specifically for you! The steps will comprise 11 stages, each with new lines that are red-colored and explained as easily as possible.


Step 1

We’ll start by examining the skeleton. It shows the pelvis and ribs in the shape of ovals with various dimensions. Connect these pieces with the backbone’s line. The legs and arms are depicted as straight lines.




Step 2

Draw 2 lines across the face that join in the middle the center of your face. Then connect the rib cage with the pelvis to form the torso Then connect the head to the rib cage.




Step 3

Then, draw your arms with geometric forms that are cylindrical. Draw the elbow and shoulder joints using balls. Don’t forget to draw your child’s hands.




Step 4

Then, using slightly larger cylinders, draw the thighs and the shins. Utilizing two balls, illustrate the knees. After this phase, draw the feet.



Step 5

In the direction of the lines that were drawn during the second stage depict the specifics on your faces. Begin with eyes, then draw the eyes Then draw an elongated mouth along with a mouth. Be sure to draw eyebrows. eyes.



Step 6

Along the side of the face, draw the ears. Next, move to the top of your head and draw the hair. You can choose to repeat the hairstyle of the artists on or design different hairstyles.



Step 7

With smooth lines, draw the body of the sweater, including the body and sleeves. Don’t forget to draw the creases of the sweater.



Step 8

Then trace the forearms using soft and smooth lines. Finally, draw the fingers as shown in the illustration by the artists of



Step 9

Then, using the aid of curving lines that are long and long draw the wide jeans with consideration of the folds. Then, depict your shoes.



Step 10

Then, give the pencil time and then grab an eraser and apply it to remove the guidelines of the child’s drawing. For now, to make the drawing more authentic and appealing draw all of it with darker lines.



Step 11

The last step is to paint your child. It is possible to paint using both colors used by the artists from or use the other colors.



As for you, dear readers of we’ve completed the instructions on how to draw an infant. Our team of artists is eager to hear your comments and feedback. Join on social media make a comment and upload your photos.


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