How to Draw A Chickadee Bird Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw A Beak Bird Step by Step

Step 1: Draw your body

This cute little chick can be made by drawing an egg-shaped circular in the middle of the paper.

Step 2: Add the beak, head and eyes

Next, draw the chubby face on the upper left-hand side of your body. You can now add the small beak, and the inner eyes.

Step 3: Draw the Wing

Next, draw wings at the upper right of the body. These cute little wings are also on the chick.

Step 4: Draw your tail

Next, add the long tail to the right side of your body just below the wings.

Step 5: Add your feet

Add the paws to complete line art below its body.

Step 6: Complete your drawing

Chicks are distinguished by a prominently black neck and head. The body of the chick is a mixture of yellow and lighter shades. Don’t be afraid adding gray to the feet or highlights.

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