How to Draw a Chick

We are awestruck by drawing various adorable and beautiful things. This is the reason we came up with this tutorial on drawing the perfect chick.


Step 1

Chickens are beautiful hilarious animals. It’s extremely smooth and in a round shape. We will therefore present his model in the shape of two ovals that are of different dimensions. We will arrange the ovals in accordance with the principles of the snowman in that, the upper one should be smaller, while the lower shape should be larger.




Step 2

Let’s make this sketch more adorable and vibrant. In order to do this, draw a beak that looks like two triangles with different dimensions that share a common side.




Step 3.

The body is connected to the head by two smooth lines. Make a small oval close to the key. This is the shape that the eyes.




Step 4

In this section, we draw the proximal part that makes up the bird’s legs. They are tiny and thin legs, which are shaped with four lines vertically.




Step 5

Let’s sketch the distal portions of our legs. We can see three toes at the front, and one in the back of each foot. The fingers are all flat, but similar in size. We can draw the following.




Step 6

As you may have guessed, we prefer to highlight a specific process to allow you to review your sketch. If you notice any errors or mistakes, you are able to make them right now. It’s much simpler than fixing mistakes after you’ve painted.




Step 7

Pick any color you like to color your bird. We decided to choose the classic yellow feathers, and a bright orange color for the legs and the beak. Make sure to create darker shades of the base colors prior to when you want shadows to be applied.

Look at the white highlight inside the eye completely filled.




So, this is a tutorial on drawing chicks. We hope that this guide was useful to you. Remember to let us know about any issues you have encountered when working on our guide.

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