How to Draw a Chibi enjoys the theme of anime, so we have created many tutorials on the subject. In this article, on drawing the chibi We want to show you this adorable version of characters from anime.

Characters drawn in this style are drawn with ease and each has its own unique characteristics. The first thing to note is that they have a head that is large that is paired with a tiny body, massive eyes, and a tiny amount of details. This and other distinct aspects will be covered in this simple guide on drawing a cartoon.


Step 1

Begin with the head, sketching it in the shape of an oval. Make this geometric form using transparent and light lines.




Step 2

Then, create a torso like did the artists from The torso, as described below should be smaller than your head. Then, join the torso and head with an elongated neck.




Step 3.

The legs and arms, as well as the torso, ought to be extremely small. Make sure to draw them with the simplest lines. In our case, the chibi is standing directly with his hands in his pockets however, your model could take a slightly different spot.




Step 4

Let’s look at the finer details of the illustration. Let’s begin with the eyes, illustrating them as simple ovals. The eyes are over the eye and depict the eyelids as a combination of two lines arched.




Step 5

The illustration shows small pupils and broad eyebrows. A little lower shows the mouth as tiny curves. Be aware that Chibi characters do not typically feature a nose.




Step 6

Draw the ear in an easy semicircle. Also, raise your head to show the hairstyle. In addition, you are able to take our class on drawing the hairstyle of anime to know more about the art of drawing hair.




Step 7

The head’s details are complete, and it’s time to go to the information on the body. There aren’t many in number and are made up mainly of clothes objects. On top, draw your folds on the shirt, at the bottom draw the pockets of the pants, and then in the middle, draw the lower edge of the t-shirt.




Step 8

Then, temporarily put aside the pencil, and then, using the eraser remove your chibi drawing of excessive lines. Next, use a dark pencil or even ink, and enhance your chibi drawing to be more attractive and clear.




Step 9

It’s time for you to give the sketch a bit of life. To achieve this, you can use your tools to draw the chibi using the colors used in the illustration by the artists on or pick another color.




The team behind worked hard to make the tutorial for drawing Chibis very easy and easy to comprehend for even young children. Tell us what you think do you think this is actually easy? We look over all your comments and we respond to many of them.

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