Legends and myths about zombies have been appearing for quite a long time and are firmly embedded in popular culture. They are often seen in various films, games, and animated films. Of course, the look of zombies all over the world differs from one another. Today, we’re going to showcase the most adorable version of this beast in this instruction on drawing an animated zombie.

Step 1
The lesson on the chibi zombie begins by demonstrating drawing a head that is rounded. On the head, we sketch two intersecting lines.

Step 2
We now sketch an elongated torso with shorter legs. Be aware that the head and the torso are about the same dimensions.

Step 3
With the aid of intersecting lines drawn on our heads make eyes, ears, and mouths with teeth. On the body, sketch out the ripped clothes.

Step 4
Then, using a more forceful press on the pencil, trace the outline of the head as well as the details of the head, as we did in our illustration.

Step 5
In this drawing, we also use darker lines and a more pronounced pressure on the pencil, sketching the lower part of our cartoon zombie.

Step 6
This time we’re doing the same thing, but using the lower half that is the human body. which is to draw the details using a firm clicking on the pencil.

When you have completed the procedure, don’t forget to erase all unnecessary lines that were drawn in the first step, the second, and the third. When you sketch these lines using thin lines, you are able to erase them easily. If you like this lesson and are looking to draw more similar characters, make sure to check out our sections under the headings “Anime” and “For Beginners.”

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