There are numerous species of animals, a lot of which were drawn before by us on the website. In addition to drawing animals in a realistic way, we would like to sketch more animal species drawn in the Chibi style. Let’s start our lesson by drawing a cartoon Zebra.

Step 1
In the beginning, we sketch a head that is round and a torso in the shape of a figure resembling an eggplant.

Step 2
Draw a round muzzle with a round eye, ears, and a mane. The body should be drawn out. draw round legs and a tail that has hair tufts at the tips.

Step 3
Let’s get to the specifics. Utilizing dark and clear lines, sketch an outline for the head of the zebra as we did in our example.

Step 4
Then do the same thing with the body. Draw the form of the torso by drawing straight lines, and then remove any unnecessary guidelines.

Step 5
Then, carefully trace the stripes onto the body part of the zebra, as in the illustration below.

Step 6
This is the final step in which we colorize the muzzle, mane, tail tip, hooves as well as stripes with black.

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