Wolfs are fierce enough animals that no one would want to be around in real life. On our site, we’ve drawn the image of a Wolf in a realistic style However, we’re drawing an entirely different wolf, an adorable and small Chibi the wolf. Let’s start the tutorial on drawing the chibi-like Wolf.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the fundamental outline that defines the human body. Begin by sketching an outline for the face as a result of a circle. You can also draw your torso as an oval.

Step 2
On the head, sketch out an ear with a muzzle as well as rounded ears. On the body, sketch your rounded feet as well as not less than a rounded tail.

Step 3
With the aid of clean and smooth lines, trace the outline of the head. Draw the eyes as well as the tip of the nose using the aid of black and thick dots.

Step 4
We descend a little below and pull from the chest as well as round feet of our tiny and adorable animated Wolf.

Step 5
Then let’s go to the rear and the back of our Chibi the wolf. Draw the outline of the hind limbs as well as the tail. Remove all guidelines that are not needed and the cartoon drawing of the wolf is done.

The lesson was very simple because it was very few words, and the steps were extremely simple. Which characters or animals in the chibi style do you would like to see on the pages of our website? Tell us this to help us make a suitable drawing lesson.

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