Do you enjoy anime as much as we do? We’re here to talk about the subject of anime and more precisely the topic of chibi.

Step 1
This time begin by drawing the face of our adorable cartoon character, drawing it with a round shape. Then draw two lines across the face, then move on to step two.

Step 2
Draw a sketch of a smaller body and legs. Remember how the head of the Chibi character is significantly larger than the head of the typical cartoon character (and every human)?

Step 3
The next step is the ability to “dress” our character and give the basic features. Sketch out the eyes hair and other clothing components.

Step 4
We must be extra cautious. With clear and dark lines, draw carefully the pupils and eyes with glowing lines.

Step 5
Then draw the upper portion on the top of the head or more precisely it’s the headpiece for our Chibi witch. We have drawn a hood however you can make a pointed head, worn by legendary witches.

Step 6
The next step is to draw the body that our Chibi Witch, as well as her legs. At the same time remove all unnecessary lines of auxiliary lines.

If you’ve been to our section named “Anime” and opened lessons about Chibi, then maybe you already know that the chibi drawn are all equal. They have big heads as well as big eyes and a body that is disproportionately small. They also have extremely detailed limbs drawn in a schematic manner and the particulars of their face. Therefore, you are free to draw the character using the drawings of the concepts of this tutorial to create any character from a chibi. In addition, we didn’t take the character out of our minds, as this is a well-known character from anime. If you’ve thought of who this is and you are unsure, please share your guesses in the comment section of this post.

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