We didn’t think you would enjoy these tiny, clumsy characters as often. We decided to create separate categories for Chibi drawing guides.

As you will see, we took the style like Spider-Man of the futuristic era.


Step 1

It’s sort of like a tiny mushroom. In reality, the heads and bodies of chibi people are roughly the same height.




Step 2

Chibi people have no obvious muscles or joints. Therefore, we’ll draw limbs that resemble normal balls and cylindrical shapes. Be aware of the proportions of the head and limbs.



Step 3

In this stage, we will draw how the eyes look at Spider-Man 2099. It’s exactly like the eyes of a normal Spider-Man. It is all you need to do is include a tiny edge.



Step 4

The fingernails are long. This is a unique feature that is part of the look that is Spider-Man 2099. In this process, we also remove all lines that are unnecessary from the arms of our shibi.


Step 5

As you may have guessed, the well-known Spider-Man logo is supposed to be the skull. This is why we have made it even in the chibi style. Don’t forget to mention the cape made of fabric that appears to be the torn web.



Step 6

In the case of sketching Spider-Man with the traditional way of drawing, we would draw huge shadows that contrast. In our instance, we’ll draw some small shadows on the shoulders and legs that our characters wear.


A unique personage pose may complicate the lesson. There are also some tricky details. However, we do hope that you’ve got a cute Chibi model.

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