The team at 3dvkarts not so long ago launched writing a series of articles on the different characters drawn using the Chibi style. In this series, we taught viewers how they could draw Chibi Spider-Man, chibi love, chibi girl, and a myriad of other characters drawn in the Chibi style. We’re going to continue this series and teach you the art of drawing a Chibi Princess.

Step 1
The drawing class begins by drawing a simple oval. it’s the face of our Chibi princess. Next, draw two lines around the face. With this, we sketch the features of the face.

Step 2
This part will be slightly more difficult. We will need to draw the neck, outline of the legs, and the torso. Notice that the proportion of body and head in Chibi is quite different from what we imagine in the normal human body.

Step 3
The primary outlines of our character’s body shape are drawn and we can now include a few elements to make it appear more like the princess. Draw the outline of the long hair as well as a big crown. Then, draw the outline of your face as well as the dress.

Step 4
Let’s begin to work on the particulars of our chibi Princess drawing. Start the process with the face, and then draw out big eyes, a smaller mouth, and the form of eyebrows. Draw the eyes out using dense hatching, leaving a slight reflection inside the pupils.

Step 5
With the aid of smooth, long lines, carefully draw your hair. This is our cute princess. Take away any unnecessary lines from the head and draw the crown.

Step 6
Then we move down a bit and begin to draw your princess’s body. Draw your hands, the dress, and legs. Eliminate any unnecessary guidelines and your drawing is complete. You may also add a couple of shadows.

Today, we demonstrated the steps to draw the chibi princess. It was an easy tutorial, which was broken down into a handful of very easy steps to simplify the drawing process and to ensure that all of our readers will be able to master it. If you’d like to see more of these easy lessons look into our categories under the headings “For Beginners” and “Anime” In these categories, you’ll find plenty of basic drawing classes for beginners.


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