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In this simple and adorable drawing lesson, the team can show how to draw the art of drawing a chibi-man by following eight simple steps. We’ve previously explained how to draw various types of characters from films, comics, and other artworks using the style of chibi. The team at is determined to make an ultimate tutorial in which we will cover all the fundamentals of drawing anime characters.


Step 1

Each figure starts with the creation of a skeleton. the process of learning to draw a cartoon character is not a one-off. Start with the head and draw it as an ordinary circle. Create the spine as well as the pelvis, rib cage, and along with legs. The head should be huge.

Step 2

Draw a crosshair over the face, which serves as a sort of guideline for the future features on the face. Then, you can thicken the neck to create an elongated body. Then, in the second stage, we draw the muscles. Be aware that chibi is of different proportions. For instance, in the instructions, the Chibi character is used.

The proportions were not as realistic In this lesson, the proportions are closer to the actual ones.


Step 3

We’ll now focus on the most important elements of the chibi-man drawing. Start with the head-making eyes and smile. Then, we go up to a higher level and make an elegant hairstyle that is drawn by the artist of To learn everything you can about hairstyles for chibi, head to our tutorial on How to Draw Anime Hair.

Step 4

The next step is to make similar steps, however, using our body. We will use the chibi-man. In this phase, we put on shorts and a t-shirt. Utilizing a few easy and light lines that outline the entire thing, as illustrated in our sketch that was created by the artist of

Step 5

The sketch of the basic Chibi man has been completed at this point, and from the fifth stage, we’ll finish the last touches and details. With dark lines of pencil or ink sketch the face and beautiful hair. Eyelashes and eyebrows should be particularly dark. The fifth stage is completed by removing all lines from the chibi’s head drawing.

Step 6

Let’s look at the upper part of the chibi-man. The first step is to carefully trace a T-shirt using every fold. Then, trace the arms and neck. Then, you can remove all guidelines from the torso, making the drawing of the chibi man clear and tidy. You could also put an emblem or an inscription on the chest.

Step 7

In the seventh step of the tutorial in the seventh stage of this article on the drawing process of a chibi character and we’ll finish the basic body. Draw the legs, pants as well as shoes with clear and dark lines. Include all pockets, folds, stitches, and folds. You could draw any details like pockets for the pants or laces to the shoes.

Step 8

Draw eyes in the shape of two black ovals. You can then draw hatching on the eyes of the larger size, leaving an iridescent glare within the eyes. To make this image more solid and voluminous make shadows that resemble hatching. Incorporate hatching in the areas shown in the example in this description.

The team at is determined to make the instructions we provide easy and easily accessible to all. If we’ve achieved our aim, please be sure to tell us about it via e-mail or comment in the section, or through our social media networks.


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