How To Draw A Chibi Goth Witch

How To Draw A Chibi Goth Witch

Step one:

The first step is to sketch the guidelines for both figures.

Step two:

Then, we’ll sketch the face and hairstyle for the demon girl.

Step three:

Sketch is her mini spiral horns , too.

Step four:

Draw in the facial features of her as well, and use light line weights to draw the facial features that aren’t as prominent.

Step five:

Make her necklace more attractive with the bow.

Step six:

The next step is to work on the head of the goat as well as the collar.

Step seven:

Then, we’ll focus on drawing the body of the goat first since he’s covering the majority of the body of the demon girl. Then draw the girl’s body and then draw her leash at the end.

Step eight:

Incorporate some detail and boots, too.

Step nine:

After everything is drawn after drawing, this should be the final product. Great work!

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