How to Draw a Chibi Girl

In our previous drawing tutorials, the team at taught you ways to draw Chibi and Chibi characters We will teach how to draw the drawing process for a chibi-style girl. This guideline will be like our previous chibi tutorials, however, with the exception that this one will depict the character of a girl.

Utilizing the steps below, you are able to duplicate our chibi character or depict any girl using chibi.


Step 1

Let’s draw your head with an unbalanced oval. Recreate the shape either by using the artists at or create your own outline.




Step 2

Then draw the torso and neck which connect to form a body part. Be aware that in the convention of drawing chibi the head should be bigger than the body’s torso.




Step 3.

Imagine nice legs and arms. If you wish your chibi character to look more attractive, make her arms and legs a little thinner and longer. The hips should be larger.




Step 4

A base for the Chibi model is finished, and now it’s time to add smaller details. Let’s begin first with the eyes by drawing them as ovals and the eyes are in the form of curly lines.




Step 5

We are continuing to add facial features to the chibi girl’s artwork. Create short, slender dashes of color to make eyebrows as well as a mouth. Then, add pupils before moving to the sixth stage.




Step 6

Let’s draw how the hair looks of the cute girl. The first step is to draw a slicked-back hairstyle with lines that are long. In order to find out more information about this, refer to our guide on drawing the hair of anime.




Step 7

At this point, the hair is depicted in the final stage. In order to do this, draw the contours of the hair, like the artists from, or design your own idea.




Step 8

Then let’s look at the clothing. Draw the collar and the cuffs. Draw the remainder of the jacket as in the illustration below. As you can observe, our chibi character will wear a jeans shirt.




Step 9

Let’s draw an image of a dress with a denim jacket. For this, you should use fluid lines and light strokes, similar to the drawings on their website in the illustration below.




Step 10

At this point, we’ll be finished drawing the Chibi girl. Then, we will move on to the legs and show shoes and socks. shoe. If your chibi sketch is similar to the art depicted by artists, then go to stage eleven.




Step 11

Let’s finish our chibi girl’s drawing to make it attractive and tidy. With the aid of a black pen or ink sketch the design and make it more beautiful and neat.




Step 12

Then, take colored pencils, or felt-tip pens and color the chibi model. Repetition the colors as shown in the example on or you can add another color.




The 12 super simple steps in drawing an adorable chibi girl have been completed. We invite you to send us your suggestions and comments about the article. We will read all of your comments and we will address a number of them.

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