In the last articles, we explained how to draw the chibi-wolf. Today, we’ll teach you how you can draw a Chibi Fox. This lesson is extremely easy, first of all since we draw characters in the style of chibi (chibi are drawn with a very simple style) Furthermore, this lesson will be divided into a handful of very easy steps that will allow you to attain the highest ease of drawing.

Step 1
Draw a circle and two lines that cross within the circle. It is the head of the animated fox. In the initial steps, we use extremely thin lines.

Step 2
Here we draw an oval body and four paws that are short and round our adorable animal. Light lines can also be utilized in this sketch.

Step 3
On the head, we draw big ears and cheeks with fur. Draw a stunning tail and go on to the next stage.

Step 4
Utilizing lines that intersect around the forehead, you can draw beautiful eyes, noses, and smiling mouths.

Step 5
We now erase any unnecessary guidelines and sketch out the outline of the head as well as the large fluffy ears.

Step 6
Then, go to the torso, and then carefully trace out the outline of the body. Remove any unnecessary lines.

Dear friends, you now have a good idea of what it takes to draw Chibi the fox. Go to our section “Anime” in order to discover how you can draw different characters drawn in the style of chibi. These are easy lessons and all of our readers will be able to master these lessons. Subscribe to us now and be sure to share our drawing lessons with your friends on social networks.

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