We created a long time ago instructional video on drawing the dragon step-by-step. The lesson was extremely difficult and a lot of our readers contacted us to come up with a different tutorial on a dragon that was easier to understand. So we made a decision to design instructions on drawing the chibi dragon.

Step 1
The drawing lesson starts at the top of the head. We sketch the contours of a head that is round and then draw two lines that intersect.

Step 2
Sketch out a long round dragon’s torso, as well as small paws with a round shape. The initial and the second steps were drawn using extremely light lines. In the next step use darker lines.

Step 3
By tracing intersecting lines, you can from the previous step, draw sparkling eyes onto the face of our adorable dragon chibi. Make sure you draw the pupils in a dark shade using hatching.

Step 4
Then, using clean and smooth lines, draw an outline for the head shape of the Chibi dragon. Then create a mouth that has prominent fangs and eyebrows that extend above the eyes.

Step 5
Let’s now move to the body of our chibi dragon. Create short wings with a small comb along the back. It starts at the neck and finishes at the end of the tail.

Step 6
We are now drawing the body. Draw a rounded stomach and the paws that are rounded by our adorable creature. Also, do remember to delete any unnecessary rules from the first two steps.

If you’ve followed our instructions precisely, you’ve learned the steps to drawing the dragon chibi. If you enjoyed this lesson and want to master another one, check out our “Anime” category on our website. There, you’ll discover a myriad of drawing classes on cartoon characters.

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