How to Draw a Chibi Character

A while ago the team from taught you the steps to draw Chibis and in this guide, we’ll teach the user the steps to draw the character in a chibi. Both of these articles, while similar, differ in a few ways. If you’d like to draw beautifully chibi, ensure that you master the two ways.

What do you need to master drawing the chibi characters? The first thing you need is the tools you love to use (whether it’s a traditional pencil using paper or a contemporary graphic tablet) and an eagerness to learn the art of drawing a character from chibi.


Step 1

Let’s begin by drawing the head. It appears depicted here as an oval that is uneven. You may pick a different design than the one shown by the artists at

Step 2

Imagine the neck and the body and neck, which ought to be small and small. This is the primary characteristic of a chibi: a huge head and a tiny body.




Step 3.

Legs and arms should be small. They can be placed or as shown in the illustration by the artists at or design your own design.




Step 4

The fundamentals of the upcoming chibi drawing have been completed now it’s time to begin the details. The first thing to be drawn in the drawing will be the eyelids. Draw them in circles, and the eyelids in the shape of small curvatures.




Step 5

The mouth and eyebrows should be drawn as short curves. Create an ear. When drawing this particular detail ensure that you depict the form of the cartilage within the ears.




Step 6

As you may have guessed, Chibi is usually a very attractive and fashionable hairstyle. So, you can come up with an interesting and stylish hairstyle, or simply repeat what the artists from did.




Step 7

Let’s take a look at the components of the clothing. The artists from have decided to show the belt and shirt however you can make your chibi wear any other outfit. If you follow the instructions on drawing anime costumes you will be taught everything you need to know about the process.




Step 8

It’s time to polish the chibi design slightly and give it the look we want. For this, use an eraser to erase any guidelines. Then, trace all the lines you need using ink or dark pencil.




Step 9

Colors can give your chibi sketch a stunning and polished appearance. Use colored pencils, paints, or felt-tip pens to paint the character using the colors in the illustration by the artists at or you can use your personal color palette.




Nine very simple steps of the instructions on drawing characters in chibi were completed. We’re looking for your suggestions and feedback on this article. We read all of your comments and we will reply to many of them.

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